METHOD's wide range of experience in design, engineering and manufacturing has allowed us to form strategic partnerships across many different industries. These partnerships have sometimes led to entirely new product offerings and even brand new companies. Here are a few of the additional divisions of our company that have been born out of these unique collaborations.

EXOTM Building System

EXO Building System

The EXOTM Building System is an innovation in modular solutions. By eliminating the need for an independent sub-structure, Exo Panels open the door to improved performance and customization. Whether you're in the market for classrooms, an industrial workhorse or a comfortable home environment, the EXOTM Building System can be configured to meet your requirements. Advanced Construction, Made Easy.

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Backwater Boats

Backwater Boats

An affordable way to have an adventure! Ditch the hitch with Backwater Boats. Our boat is effortless to secure on your vehicle roof, place in the back of your SUV or bed of your truck. Backwater comes in two different colours. Whether you plan to take it out for leisure, or head out for fishing or hunting, Backwater is perfect to add to your larger boat as a safety piece. For consumers and dealer purchasing, please call one of our representatives for more information at 604-888-2008.

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Harvester Hydroponics & Custom Grow Solutions

Harvester Hydroponics & Custom Grow Solutions

A new movement of community gardens, green rooftops and living walls is yielding a regular and abundant supply of clean, nutrient-rich plants. People living in crowded cities or on barren land are beginning to enjoy the benefits of locally-grown produce. Our line of Harvester trays and reservoirs suit a wide variety of growing applications, including Hydroponics, Aeroponics, or earth-box style systems. They achieve consistently high crop yield with minimal investment, in areas where ordinary agriculture or gardening is impossible. We offer wholesale pricing because we are the manufacturer.

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