What is Thermoset Elastomeric (TEP) Polymer Curing?
June 11, 2014
What is Thermoset Elastomeric (TEP) Polymer Curing?

METHOD has the patent process for the unique ability to combine multiple colours, layers and durometers (from SHORE 00 to D).

Our TEP process is:


  • flame retardant 
  • puncture resistant
  • slip resistant
  • durable
  • chemical resistant
  • mold/mildew resistant
  • UV and weather resistant


Our machine allows us to create parts as large as 96"x120," and material is available in a wide range of colours including custom colours, vibrant colours, fluorescents, translucent and metallics.


Sample projects include sporting goods, anti-shock mats, coasters, movie props, flooring and stone molds. Learn more about Thermoset Elastomeric (TEP) Polymer Curing by giving us a call at 604-888-2008.



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