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Art Installation

When a well-known contemporary artist needed to bring a piece of original work to life, we made it possible.

Well-known Vancouver artist, Philippe Sokazo, came to us with a hand-drawn illustration, which he needed turned into a large-scale work of art. The installation would be displayed in a high-traffic area at the Sky Train Station during the 2010 Winter Olympics, so it had to appear flawless and be durable enough to withhold weather and human touch. The three-piece sculpture also needed to be colorful, bold and produced locally in British Columbia. We created a prototype for Sokazo that allowed him to visualize his design on a large-scale. We then formed the project and constructed it from start to finish. Sokazo's sculptures were completed on time, and were seen by millions during the 2010 Winter Olympics.


Watch a video on the Sokazo project here.