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Services Pushing the Boundaries

METHOD offers dozens of standalone services that clients can utilize to bring their most challenging ideas to life. Regardless of the nature of the project, our highly skilled design, engineering and manufacturing experts work together to develop a strategy that will push the limits of production.

innovative design that inspires our team, our clients and our industry


Our talented team of industrial designers with years of experience working in custom manufacturing will create, design and document your project from start to finish. Working with your defined vision through the use of sketches, artistic renderings, 3D models and rapid prototypes, METHOD will bring your ideas to reality.

ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS that help bring your products to life


METHOD’s modern facility houses multiple machines capable of turning your idea into reality. We utilize various rapid prototyping methods and CNC machining to suit the requirements needed for your project. We can also create digital models of existing physical geometry for your products, creating obsolete parts or retrofitting existing parts.



With over 40 years of custom manufacturing experience, we are one of the top thermoforming companies in North America. But that is just the beginning. Our clients take advantage of our multi-discipline capabilities to lower costs and reduce lead times. Our machinery includes plastic thermoforming machines, CNC’s, Waterjet, Hotwire Foam Cutter, Presses, Milling Machines, Panel Sander, Enclosed Ovens and PU High Pressure Foaming Machine and more.

We have the tools, experience and expertise to make the impossible, possible.

From Our Client

METHOD made time for my small run of 20 parts for an important crown corporation client. Needless to say the parts fit perfectly and the client was very impressed, and since the plastic has the colour already cast in, I saved on the added expense of having to paint the parts after molding.

Matthew H., Client