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Revolutionary ideas can change companies and alter entire industries.


Revolutionary ideas can change companies and alter entire industries. METHOD was built to help bring these ideas to life. We make it possible.TM

I am very pleased and excited to announce CSL Plastics Inc. has changed its name to METHOD Innovation Partners Inc. What started as a small fabrication shop in 1981 has, with your help, evolved into a multi-faceted, diverse organization that includes Backwater Boats, Nuform Building Technologies Inc., and EXO Building Systems. We’ve built the company by continually enhancing our core fabrication and manufacturing services and developing a strong, highly reputable design and engineering team. The recent addition of Atelier JLee, our industrial design studio in downtown Vancouver, has further helped us become the full-service design, engineering and manufacturing firm we are today.

It’s this combination that sets us apart from our competition and has laid the groundwork for our transformation. This combined expertise impacts every project we work on. It gives us the ability to see unique possibilities in projects, allowing us to bring more value to our clients.

To reflect our disciplined, encompassing approach we changed our name to METHOD Innovation Partners Inc., which signifies our unified and systematic process to creating solutions. Our new tagline, “We Make It Possible” is both a promise and a challenge. We promise to be your innovation partner, bringing original and efficient solutions to your problems, while simultaneously challenging you to pursue your ideas.

The company will continue to operate under the current structure. Your contacts have not changed and current email addresses will also continue to be operational. Over the coming months you will see new initiatives from us, including a new website and look. The goal of METHOD is to make your projects a reality. By applying our broad range of services to your innovative ideas, we will continue to stretch the capabilities of production to accomplish what no one else can. We make it possible.TM

We look forward to talking with you soon and thank you for your continued support.

Best regards,

Larrie Novak
METHOD Innovation Partners Inc.